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There is no charm than the tenderness of the heart.” – Jane Austen. Being a sweet daughter, a loving wife and a caring mother, Poulomi knows this better than anyone. This is why she’s one of the most incredible people we’ve worked with.


Purpose, Perseverance, and Passion – 3 Ps that define Raghu Nair as a leader. From a small town in Kerala to the big cities of the Middle-East, he has made his way up to now being the General Manager of The Oterra over the course of 17 plus years.


The Oterra, Bengaluru is the official host for Bangalore Fashion Week (BFW) 19th Edition. BFW is celebrating 10 years by bringing you the latest trends from across the nation.


Can you imagine what life would be like without friends? Is it possible to think of what life would have been without that one ‘best friend’?

Sunday Blog

Nothing feels better than a well-spent weekend after a hectic work week, do you agree? But just like we give our work days our 100%, are we doing justice to our weekends?


Second only to water, wine is and has been the most consumed drink in Italy for generations.


Barbecue or BBQ, as it’s commonly referred to, has evolved from being just a style of slow-cooking to a full-fledged social extravaganza over the years. Not only this; it has permeated to every nook and corner of the modern world, and this got us thinking – what’s the story behind BBQ?

mom s cooking

If you have friends or colleagues who are currently living away from their hometown, ask them what they miss most about home?


For as long as we can remember, cakes have been a central part of birthdays, weddings, official events and any form of celebration!